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Are you in the construction field and need detailed specs on equipment? RitchieSpecs is your go-to place. It offers over 15,900 specs, both current and historical, for construction machinery. This includes everything from hydraulic excavators to skid steer loaders.



Why choose RitchieSpecs? This database helps you find the best equipment for your needs. It empowers you to make smart choices for your construction projects. Now, let’s explore the benefits of ritchiespecs equipment.

Decoding ritchiespecs equipment

The RitchieSpecs database is packed with info on construction equipment. It includes everything from crawler tractors to hydraulic excavators. You can look up and compare specs of different models.

Comprehensive Database

This database includes details on over 15,900 construction machines. It helps users make smart decisions. You can find info on dimensions, engine power, weight, and more.

Equipment Categories

The RitchieSpecs website is organized by equipment type. This makes finding specific info easy. You can look up details on tractors, loaders, excavators, and more.

Manufacturer Listings

The site also lists equipment from top brands like Caterpillar and Komatsu. This means you can compare different models in one place. It helps you choose the best equipment for your project and budget.



Dimensions Demystified

The world of construction equipment is full of dimensions. But, RitchieSpecs is here to make it simple. They provide info on size, maneuverability, and operational effectiveness.

Length and Width Measurements

Knowing the length and width of construction gear is key. It’s for moving, getting into spaces, and job site plans. RitchieSpecs helps pick the right gear for your project’s needs. It works for a tiny loader to a huge one, making sure everything fits perfectly.

Height and Ground Clearance

Finding out heights and clearances is also critical. RitchieSpecs lists details so you can check if a machine fits under things, clears tops, and stays steady on rough ground. This is crucial for a safe and productive workplace.

Track and Wheel Specifications

Good grip and stability are must-haves for equipment. RitchieSpecs gives the lowdown on track and wheel setups. You’ll learn about sizes and abilities, helping gear tackle tough conditions well. With this, you can choose gear that’s efficient and gets the job done right.

ritchiespecs equipment

The RitchieSpecs site has in-depth details on construction equipment engine specs. This includes make, model, power, torque, and displacement. Knowing this info is key to judging a machine’s performance.

Engine Specifications

RitchieSpecs lets you compare equipment engines for power and efficiency. If you need facts on a hydraulic excavator, wheel loader, or crawler tractor, you’re in the right place. Find all the vital engine details needed to choose the best machine for your needs.

Operational Weights and Capacities

Besides engine info, RitchieSpecs offers data on equipment weights and capacities. You can check out operating weight, fuel, and hydraulic fluid capacity. This info helps choose and use equipment properly at work sites. Professionals can make smart choices for boosting their equipment’s productivity and efficiency with this data.


Hydraulic and Transmission Details

RitchieSpecs provides detailed info on the hydraulic and transmission systems of construction gear. This helps users know how powerful, efficient, and flexible the equipment is. You can learn about hydraulic parts, different gear types, and how fast the machines go. This knowledge lets pros pick the best equipment for their tasks.

Hydraulic System Components

At RitchieSpecs, you can find info on hydraulic components like pump types and flow capacity. Knowing this helps you understand how strong and efficient the equipment’s hydraulic system is. Using this info, you can pick gear that works best for your projects.

Transmission Types and Gears

The site details the transmission types and gears of various machines, even the number of gears for going forward or backward. Understanding this helps you know how well the equipment can handle different speeds and tasks. Whether you need speed or precision, RitchieSpecs has you covered.

Speed Capabilities

RitchieSpecs also talks about how fast equipment can move forward and backward. This data is key for knowing how well gear can move around job sites, carry materials, and finish work on time. Knowing this helps you match the gear’s speed with what your project needs.

Maximum Speed – Forward21.7 mph
Maximum Speed – Reverse22.7 mph
Hydraulic System Capacity89.1 gal
Hydraulic Pump Flow216 gal/min
Relief Valve Setting – Lift/Tilt4,786 psi
Relief Valve Setting – Steering4,641 psi

RitchieSpecs equips users with in-depth data on construction equipment’s hydraulics, transmissions, and speeds. With this knowledge, making the right choice for your project becomes easier. You’re better prepared for optimal performance and productivity.



The RitchieSpecs database is a top resource for pros in construction. It’s for those wanting in-depth details on specs and dimensions of equipment. With data on measurements, engine power, and more, users can pick well and boost their gear’s output.

Looking for a mini excavator, wheel loader, or crawler tractor? The RitchieSpecs platform has you covered. It gives lots of info to compare, choose the best, and run smoothly. Thanks to its easy use and broad info on top brands, it’s key for those in construction aiming to make the most of their gear buys.

With RitchieSpecs, you’ll move through the equipment world like a pro. Detailed specs and dimensions make choosing the right gear easier. This boosts how well you work, how much you save, and the success of your projects. Visit the site now and see how full gear data can lift your construction work.


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