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Looking for top-notch machinery for your farm, construction, or industrial work? Midwest Machinery is here to help. We are a standout source for high-quality machines and excellent service. For over 60 years, we’ve been the go-to distributor for GF Machining Solutions in Northern Illinois.



At Midwest Machinery, we know how important your equipment is for your business success. We offer the latest solutions to keep you ahead. With our partnership with GF Machining Solutions, we bring the best technology to your workshop.

Midwest Machinery


Need the latest in farming instruments, heavy machinery, or cutting-edge industrial gear? You’ve come to the right place. Midwest Machinery boosts your efficiency and workflow with our range of precision tools and manufacturing gear. Let us help upgrade your operations and open doors for growth.

Revolutionizing the Industrial Landscape

GF Machining Solutions is leading the way in the manufacturing world. They offer top-tier precision machining and advanced manufacturing services. These innovations are ready to change how you work. Their cutting-edge die-sinking machines work fast and smart. They use “IQ” Technology to cut down on electrode wear. This tech lets them make incredibly smooth surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.2 µm.

Along with their die-sinking gear, GF Machining Solutions has top-of-the-line high-speed milling machines. These machines have a strong build, fast spindles, and quick acceleration. They’re perfect for handling tough three and five-axis work on a variety of industrial and manufacturing equipment. They work up to 10 times faster than standard milling machines. Plus, GF Machining Solutions leads in selling 42,000 rpm spindles, with over 42,000 sold globally. This shows their machines are trusted by many.

Midwest Machinery

GF Machining Solutions brings the latest in precision machining tech to the table. Their tools can boost the speed, accuracy, and output of your manufacturing. This means you can keep pace in your industry and seize new chances with confidence.

Innovative Product Lineup

GF Machining Solutions’ product lineup is exceptional. It’s filled with innovative technologies that give freedom in design, optimize processes, and boost productivity. These cutting-edge solutions help you take on new business chances. They keep you ahead in the manufacturing, machine tools, and industrial equipment fields.

AgieCharmilles EDM

The AgieCharmilles EDM series offers precision, efficiency, and top-notch performance. Using the latest in tech, these advanced EDM machines make your machining work more precise. They bring productivity and cost benefits, helping you do more with less.

Mikron High Speed 3 & 5 Axis Milling

The Mikron High Speed 3 & 5 Axis Milling machines are all about speed and flexibility. Engineered with a solid structure, high-speed spindles, and top acceleration, these machines handle complex surfaces with ease. They ensure efficiency and precision in your operations.

Laser Ablation / Additive Manufacturing

GF Machining Solutions’ Laser Ablation and Additive Manufacturing technologies are groundbreaking. They offer new design options, enhance manufacturing, and boost productivity. By using these systems, you can lead in the industrial equipment and precision machining worlds.

Midwest Machinery

midwest machinery: Your Partner for Growth

Midwest Machinery Solutions has over 60 years of combined knowledge. We’ve partnered exclusively with GF Machining Solutions. This commitment keeps your manufacturing shop at the top of technology. As the only distributor of GF Machining Solutions in Northern Illinois, we offer the newest technologies for industrial equipment and manufacturing equipment.

Our expertise and experience with Midwest Machinery solutions help us understand your needs. We offer high-performance machinery and top-notch support. This will move your business ahead. Midwest Machinery is the dependable partner for your needs.

Find out how our latest machine tools, powered by GF Machining Solutions, can upgrade your operations. Midwest Machinery is your reliable guide in the dynamic industrial equipment world. We help unlock your full potential.

Cutting-Edge HVAC Equipment

Midwest Machinery has many HVAC products. These are made to make buildings use energy better and be more green. We have everything from the latest air systems to boilers, chillers, and the newest VRF systems. This large variety helps in the making of buildings and mechanical systems of today.

Advanced Air Handling Units

Our air units are at the top of the line. They use the latest technology to manage air, make the air the right temperature, and save energy. Pick from our advanced HVAC products to make your building’s systems work better and save more energy.

High-Efficiency Boilers

We sell high-efficiency boilers that are really good at heating and save a lot of energy. They are made to cut down on greenhouse gases and save money on running costs. These boilers are great for HVAC systems that aim to be green.

Versatile Chillers

Our chillers can cool a place really well and meet each job’s needs. We have chillers that cool with air or water. Midwest Machinery has the right cooling equipment for your project.

State-of-the-Art VRF Systems

Our VRF systems are the latest in HVAC. They are very efficient, can control the temperature in different areas, and have many cool features. These systems change the way buildings are heated and cooled.

Sustainable Solutions for Modern Buildings

Midwest Machinery focuses on energy-efficient HVAC equipment. We offer advanced air handling units and high-efficiency boilers. Our lineup also includes versatile chillers and state-of-the-art VRF systems. This range is selected to boost your project’s efficiency and eco-friendliness. Our goal is to support sustainable construction and mechanical engineering.

Emphasizing Energy Efficiency

Our HVAC solutions strive to be the most energy-efficient. We feature high-performance air handling units that use less energy and advanced boiler tech to better fuel consumption. This careful selection aims to cut your costs and lower your impact on the environment. With the latest energy-efficient design in use, your structures will be more than just functional. They’ll also be good for our planet.

Innovative Mechanical System Designs

Midwest Machinery doesn’t stop at energy-efficient equipment. We work closely with architects, engineers, and builders to design innovative systems. Based on your project’s unique needs, we create solutions to enhance airflow, heat transfer, and climate control. Our approach balances cutting-edge HVAC technology with sustainable design. The outcome? A project that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient.

Expertise and Partnership: A Winning Combination

Midwest Machinery Solutions boasts over 60 years in the industry. We’re the special distributor for GF Machining Solutions in Northern Illinois. GF Machining Solutions is a global leader in machine tool tech. Our partnership ensures you get the latest manufacturing equipment. This keeps you ahead in the market.

60+ Years of Industry Expertise

Our exclusivity with GF Machining Solutions means we offer heaps of experience. No matter your project size, we’ve got insight to share. Our knowledge means your project’s success is ensured.

Exclusive Distributor of GF Machining Solutions

Through Midwest Machinery Solutions, you tap into the newest machine tool advancements. We help from planning to the final touches. We connect you with skilled professionals for your project. Our experts handle every step to realize your vision.

For all your manufacturing equipment needs, turn to us. We provide everything from specs to designs. Our dedication means your business is always on top.

Let us show you how our expertise can transform your company. Contact us to learn more. Midwest Machinery Solutions is your path to success.

Final Thoughts

At Midwest Machinery, we’re more than just a supplier. We’re your partner in finding the best machinery solutions, top-notch HVAC equipment, and building technologies that are kind to the earth. With over 60 years in the game and a strong bond with GF Machining Solutions, we’re here to transform your workplace. We aim to make your industrial scene better, your production smoother, and your buildings friendlier to the planet.

What makes us stand out is our love for new ideas and serving you custom-built support. This keeps you on the leading edge with the know-how and gear you need. If you’re in the hunt for fresh industrial equipment or the greenest HVAC solutions, we’re by your side. Midwest Machinery is all about fueling your growth and making your success story.

Let Midwest Machinery open the door to your company’s full potential. Dive into our wide range of products. See for yourself the power of our sustainable solutions and top know-how. We’re ready to push your business to new heights. Join us in reshaping your industry and leaving a mark that lasts.


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