Core Construction: Experts in Building Solid Foundations


Ever thought about what makes strong buildings different? The key is the foundation. Construction company Core Construction has over 87 years of experience. They know how to build foundations that last for years.



Wondering why Core Construction is so respected? Learn about their top-notch construction management, materials, and techniques. This has made them the #1 K-12 builder and #5 in Public Safety in America.

Core Construction


Core Construction doesn’t just build. They plan projects carefully, estimate costs, and make safety a top priority. Plus, they focus on sustainable construction. Their skilled team and use of the latest heavy equipment guarantee high-quality work every time.

About Core Construction

Core Construction’s story starts with integrity and trust. Otto Baum began the company in 1937 with just a small loan. Even though he had no collateral, he showed a strong belief in honesty and fairness. This belief has shaped the company over its 87 years in construction.

Our History and Core Values

Today, Core Construction is famous for its core values. These values include Integrity, Fairness, Continuous Improvement, and Results. They are the foundation of the company’s culture. Every project they take reflects these values, ensuring top-notch service for their clients.

The team at Core Construction shares a common goal. They all aim for excellence that positively affects the communities they work in.

Integrity and Fairness in Every Project

Core Construction’s approach to projects shows their commitment to honesty and fairness. They treat subcontractors well and let them shine in their work. This way of working has helped them earn respect across the industry.

By focusing on strong relationships, Core Construction makes their work smoother and better for project owners. They also prefer local workers and aim to match the quality of big national construction companies. This commitment has helped them become a trusted name in the industry.

Core Construction

Comprehensive Construction Services

Core Construction provides a wide range of construction services. We help our clients from the early planning stages to managing the entire project. Our goal is to ensure top-tier quality and cost management in every project.

PreConstruction Planning

Before starting any project, planning is key. Our experts work on cost estimates, site reviews, and design planning. This helps set your project up for success from the very start.

We work closely with everyone involved, such as architects and engineers. This way, we can spot potential issues early and find the best solutions. This teamwork is vital in making smart choices and reaching your construction goals.

Project Management

Our project management sets us apart. Skilled professionals handle every detail, from timing to what resources are used. We focus on quality and keep safety as a top priority, making sure your project runs smoothly.

Core Construction uses the latest methods and tools to manage projects. This means we keep things on time, on budget, and above your expectations.

Job Order Contracting

Alongside project management, we offer job order contracting (JOC). This efficient method covers a variety of repair, upkeep, and renovation work. We use our wide network to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Core Construction’s JOC is perfect when you need fast, expert construction help. We connect you with the right people to complete your project without delay.

Core Construction

Expertise Across Industries

CORE Construction is skilled in many industries. We bring excellence to projects in sectors like municipal safety and senior living. Our teams overcome difficult tasks to go beyond what’s expected.

K-12 and Higher Education

We’re proud to be named the top K-12 builder in the U.S. This shows our commitment to helping students learn and thrive. We make cutting-edge spaces for education that promote academic success and student happiness.

Municipal and Public Safety

In areas like public safety, we build important places that help communities stay safe. This includes firehouses, police stations, and centers for community activities. We’re pleased to build places that truly matter to local people.

Senior Living Communities

With the growing senior population, we focus on making living spaces that are safe and welcoming. Our work is key for those who want to offer the best in senior living. We’re a top pick in making homes for older adults.

IndustryCORE Construction’s ExpertiseKey Achievements
K-12 and Higher EducationConstructing state-of-the-art educational facilities that support student learning and developmentRanked #1 K-12 builder in the U.S. by Building Design + Construction
Municipal and Public SafetyBuilding critical infrastructure and community assets that enhance public safety and well-beingExpertise in constructing fire stations, police departments, and public works facilities
Senior Living CommunitiesCreating comfortable, safe, and modern living environments for older adultsTrusted partner for developers and operators in the senior living industry

This table highlights CORE Construction’s wide expertise. We excel in various construction fields. Contributing to education, community safety, and senior care is our mission. We aim to make positive changes in the areas we work in.

Core Construction

Skilled Labor and Quality Materials

Core Construction succeeds by using skilled workers and top-notch materials. Their experienced team brings lots of knowledge to each project. This guarantees the construction meets top standards. They focus on quality and continuous improvement. This lets them go above what their clients expect.

Construction Techniques and Safety

Core Construction stands out with modern construction techniques and strict safety protocols. They work to avoid problems, cut waste, and keep everyone safe. Their commitment to construction efficiency and construction innovation is a big part of their success. It helps them keep to deadlines and budgets. And, it ensures the safety and happiness of all.

Green and Sustainable Building

At Core Construction, we focus on green construction and sustainable building. We use energy-efficient construction methods and stay environmentally responsible. Our projects aim to be good for the planet and save money.

Energy-Efficient Construction

We use new methods like insulated concrete forms (ICF) and radon-resistant new construction (RRNC). This helps our clients’ buildings use less energy. It makes buildings strong and easy to care for. This lowers our projects’ impact on the environment.

Environmentally Responsible Practices

Core Construction cares about the planet in every step of the construction process. We use materials that are recycled and from local sources. This reduces our projects’ carbon footprint. Our work on LEED-certified and ENERGY STAR-rated projects shows our strong commitment to green and smart building.

Career Opportunities

Working in the construction industry at Core Construction is more than a job. It’s a chance to create something amazing. We offer career paths at every stage, from internships to top leadership roles.

Internships and Professional Growth

Our internship program gives you real experience. You get to work on big construction projects. This helps you learn the skills and knowledge needed for success.

Many of our top employees started as interns. This shows how we support growing and learning with us.

CORE Values and Company Culture

Our success at Core Construction comes from our CORE Values: Integrity, Fairness, Continuous Improvement, and Results. These values shape a culture that is team-focused and results-driven. Joining us means being part of a group that supports growth and hard work.


Core Construction is a top player in the building world. It’s known for top-notch work, safety, and eco-friendly efforts. With a history stretching over 87 years, it’s chosen by many. It delivers great projects using smart methods and a skilled team.

The secret to Core Construction’s win is its CORE Values. These include doing right, playing fair, always getting better, and focusing on outcomes. This guiding philosophy brings together the best in the construction business. It helps them go beyond what clients expect.

In a changing industry, Core Construction stays ahead. It aims for the sky in quality, innovation, and eco-conscious building. Thanks to their skills and community love, they’re changing how we build. They’re leading the change towards a better construction future.


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