Coastal Construction Products: Quality Materials for Your Project


Choosing the right materials is key for coastal construction. It’s vital for the success of your project. But, what makes top coastal construction products stand out? What unique expertise and commitment to quality do they bring to the table?



Coastal Construction Products is a top distributor. They offer caulk, sealants, waterproofing, concrete repair, and fire protection. They’re a leader in coastal, marine, and shoreline materials. For 40 years, they’ve supported projects in the Southeast and Caribbean.

They provide building supplies for coastal homes and beach houses. Their work in the industry is highly regarded.

coastal construction products


Coastal Construction Products is known for its deep experience. They focus on professionalism. Their dedication to quality and strong customer support make them a top choice for any coastal project.

Introduction to Coastal Construction Products

Coastal Construction Products started in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s now a top distributor of diverse items like caulking and sealants. They are in the United States, with 16 places to pick up your coastal construction products.

This company also offers marine construction materials, shoreline building supplies, waterfront construction equipment, and beach house construction components. You’ll always find what you need, when you need it. They have locations from Miami to Nashville.

Company Overview and History

For more than forty years, Coastal Construction Products has served the coastal region with expert care. It all started in Jacksonville. Now, with 16 locations, they can swiftly meet the needs of coastal projects. Their focus is on the Southeast and Caribbean. The company has grown but always keeps its core value of quality service.

Principles and Values

Coastal Construction Products runs on 25 guiding principles. These include putting customers first and having fun in what they do. These principles show their dedication to excellent service. They have a sales team ready to offer the latest in construction tech. They aim to always find the best solutions to your coastal construction needs.

Importance of Selecting Suitable Building Materials for Coastal Regions

Choosing the right materials for coastal buildings is critical. The coast’s tough environment needs materials that can handle its challenges. These include material’s ability to resist damage from floods, strong winds, and corrosion.

Making sure materials are easy to install is key, as coastal buildings often need more upkeep. This is true compared to buildings further from the shore.

Harsh Coastal Environment Challenges

Coastal areas face severe weather like hurricanes and storms. These can damage buildings. Materials for coastal buildings must stand up to these harsh conditions.

Sea air and salt worsen the breakdown of some materials. It’s vital to pick products that can take this harsh, corrosive setting.

Durability and Hazard Resistance Requirements

The strength and resistance to danger of coastal homes depend much on their materials and how they’re built. Coastal construction products and marine construction materials need to be chosen wisely.

The focus is on wind and flood defenses, and resisting decay and corrosion. These factors are essential for the safety and life of coastal structures.

coastal construction

Flood-Resistant Materials for Coastal Construction

If you live near the coast, it’s key to pick the right materials. They must be able to stand up to the ocean’s tough conditions. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) gives clear rules. It says what materials can be used in areas at risk of flooding.

NFIP Guidelines and Regulations

The NFIP tells us that materials below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) need to be tough against floods. They should stay in good shape after soaking in floodwaters for three days. After the water goes down, these materials might just need a good clean, sanitize, or a new surface layer.

The International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) agree. They also demand these strong materials, especially for structures in Special Flood Hazard Areas. No matter how long the flood lasts, these buildings have to use reliable materials. They must meet the NFIP quality standard.

Examples of Flood-Resistant Materials

Good flood-resistant materials are preservative-treated wood and strong concrete. Also, masonry that can take a hit and steel that doesn’t rust easily. These materials won’t break down after being in floodwater for a while.

For homes near the coast, you can use treated wood, special plywood, and tough vinyl. Insulation can be done with strong foam. However, some materials are a no-go. That includes paper-based stuff, items that change shape when wet, and electrical parts not designed for floods.

The NFIP covers the basics. But, your state or local community might expect more. If their rules are harder, you need to follow those. It’s all about keeping your coastal home or building strong over time.

Wind-Resistant Materials for Coastal Regions

Selecting wind-resistant materials is key for building on coasts. The right ones keep homes safe from strong winds. Coastal Construction Products can help choose the best materials. They ensure your home is durable and safe in stormy conditions.

Building MaterialWind ResistanceKey Benefits
SteelExcellentDurable, low-maintenance, eco-friendly due to recyclability
Stainless SteelExcellentHighly corrosion-resistant, durable, low-maintenance
Galvanized SteelExcellentCorrosion-resistant, durable, low-maintenance
AluminumExcellentLightweight, corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance
Wood (Cedar, Ipe, Mahogany, Teak)GoodNaturally rot-resistant, aesthetically pleasing
Plastics and CompositesGoodResistant to water, salt, and fungal growth

Coastal Construction Products helps you pick the right materials. They make sure your coastal project will last. With us, find coastal construction products, marine construction materials, and shoreline building supplies. We are your go-to for surviving tough coastal weather.

Coastal Construction Products: Quality Materials for Your Project

Coastal Construction Products is a big name in the US for caulking, sealants, and more. They provide top-notch coastal construction products for projects near the sea. This ensures your project gets materials that can handle the environment by the water.

Wide Range of Products

They have a broad inventory, ranging from marine-grade items to concrete solutions. So, if you’re working on a beachfront building or fixing up a coastal structure, they’ve got your back. Their materials are strong and can last in the marine setting.

Technical Expertise and Support

Coastal Construction Products has experts ready to help you. With years of experience, they offer advice on choosing the best materials for your project. This support means your structures will be strong against the sea’s tough conditions. Working with them ensures your project’s success.

Locations and Availability

Coastal Construction Products makes sure our coastal construction products are close to you. We keep essentials like marine construction materials ready from Miami to Nashville. This network helps us serve you across the Southeast with shoreline building supplies, waterfront construction equipment, and more.

Strategically Located Distribution Centers

Our 20 distribution centers ensure you get what you need on time. There are 11 in Florida, 2 each in North Carolina and Tennessee, and one in several other states. This strong presence helps us meet your material needs throughout the Southeast.

Inventory Management for Timely Delivery

We’ve got the right system to keep everything in stock and moving smoothly. This means we can get marine construction materials and shoreline building supplies to your job fast and hassle-free. We’re open early to late on weekdays, ready to help you finish your project on time.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Coastal Construction Products, your happiness comes first. We follow our 25 Foundation Principles to work with you, makers, and our team. Your satisfaction matters most. This is why we have strong partnerships lasting many years.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

Our team at Coastal Construction Products stays for the long haul. They have more than 25 years of experience. People like Mike Golder and Mike Jarman have moved up the ranks, bringing their expertise to help your coastal projects.

Long-standing Partnerships and Relationships

We believe in being honest, open, and easy to reach. This has helped us make friends all along the East Coast. With over 40 years of experience in Carolina, we serve you better. Our new Raleigh office makes getting your supplies to you easier too.


Coastal Construction Products stands out as a top distributor of building materials for tough coastal environment. They’re known for their durable and hazard-resistant materials. They aim to please their customers. The company offers a wide range of products and has many locations to help with coastal construction projects. So, if you’re making a new beachfront home or fixing a coastal structure, they’re the choice you can rely on.

Their focus on quality and customer care shows in their big product range. This includes everything from waterproofing to fire protection. They have 16 stores from Miami to Nashville. This makes sure you get the marine construction materials and waterfront construction equipment you need on time. This helps finish your beach house construction or coastal home building job on schedule.

If you’re starting a new project or enhancing an old one, Coastal Construction Products can help. They provide the seaside construction merchandise and know-how you need for the coastal environment. Get in touch with them to see how they can support your seaside construction accessories and coastal home building products.


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